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Fannie Mae mgmt larry lagrone has FL corp with OCWEN wm stolberg BV SUNGROVE LLC & Blue Valley Apts Inc to steal properties act as buyer fannie mae pays then as seller transfers property to Lagrone’s LLC CBRE sells the properties Glassratner hides props Well Fargo gets pd for mortgage then cancels debt with IRS epic real estate ponzi scheme makes Madoff look like amateur

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If you have Ocwen beware you will not receive notice you are in foreclosure.
Check your statements just because you are making them does not mean they are applying them correctly if at all.
You are notified by foreclosure attorney 21 days before sale of your home,( in the state of Texas)
So if you are going through a nightmare with Ocwen contact me I will get you in touch with one of the best paralegals.
He will call Ocwen or any lender/bank for free on your behalf get a status call you and make a strategic plan of action to save your home.



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