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I`ve been a customer of direct t v for over 10 years with hardly no complaints, how ever I recently moved an cancelled my service to try another one that gave me more for my money. I spoke to a lady and was given my balance owed which I paid in full over the phone an was done, so I thought. It was about a month later I get a bill for 99.85 for movies watched in 2007, I called to try an resolve it an was put on hold 5 different times to which I had to explain each time to someone in the Philippines because I kept getting disconnected. I explained that the remote had been stopped working to buy movies an events so it was always done by phone, if your previous bill was not paid you couldn’t purchase anything until it was.

The last person I spoke with said to me if I was to come back with them they would credit me 25 dollars which I then felt like I was dealing with shady people. I was shocked to say the least! They explained that they cant tell what I order with the remote ( that stopped working soon after I got it anyway ). I wanted to be clear so I asked if I was to go back with them and ordered everything under the sun with the remote until I die they wouldn`t know until the sim cards were turned in an he says yes sir that’s right an wants to sign me up WTF! I said are you crazy Hell No I would never go back especially now that you`re trying to scam me. I know that’s not how it works they can tell what your watching, the bottom line is they`re butt hurt because I tried another company. I had asked to speak with a manager/supervisor which I was told couldn’t speak with for me to call someone in billing which I did an was the same thing, the run around.

There`s no way I owed because they won`t let you get any other event or movie with out being current on your bill, this seems like the way they do business when you change services. There`s no way of speaking to anyone they just expect you to pay what they say an that’s it, one of them even said I owed 44.00 in 2010, that was the number 2 person I spoke to an the number 5 person said she was wrong that I just owe the 99.85 so I tell him one says this one says that just pay. If I owed it I have no problem paying it but they`re being shady!

In conclusion 2 days later I get a call to set up a time to install direct t v, I was floored, I would like to resolve the problem but when will it stop, pay 99.85 then they come back o you owe 2010 an this an that an this an that WTF.

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