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I was given a birthday present from my son, “Mom go get a new phone.” The other phone was okay just the case was cracked. I complied, went to the Metro PCS store on my birthday and purchased a Kyocera hydro wave phone. The salesman was informed by me, I was a senior, understood the basic working of my phone and didn’t want a phone that was difficult to handle. He said this phone would be would be easier than the other one. This was an upgrade from what I had and I expected no problems.

He told me the phone came with a case, When I reached home I discovered he lied. Living a distance from the store and without transportation I was unable to take phone back. Within the second week of using the phone I started getting pop ups from Metro PCS I did not ask for, dropped calls with the message ‘Fade’ and no memory when trying to download information for my online classes.

I was disappointed because I didn’t have these issues with the “cheaper phone”. I promptly contacted Metro PCS Customer service explained my issues and was told I must purchase a memory card and my question was “why”? I didn’t need to purchase anything with my ZTE phone and there were no issues, just the back of the case was cracked. My classes started and I proceed to record my professor as I had last semester on my Metro PCS ZTE phone, however the updated phone message was:Error.

Again I contacted Metro PCS Customer service expressing my disappointment with this upgrade and was told ” The salesperson was to tell me that the phone needed a memory card.The phone was under warranty for thirty days, return it to the dealer and they would issue me another phone”. Well, it didn’t happen! The same salesperson was there. He was defensive, rude with a smart mouth and disrespectful as I explained I wanted to speak with the manager and what I had been told by their Customer Service.

He took the phone and told me there was no phone you can record on and then his coworker told me she had an $800.00 phone and you could not record. I had brought in the other phone and told him to check and he would see I had recorded on it. I spoke to him with respect explaining this phone would hinder me in my class and others times I record. He downloaded an application called Tape It. It was complicated to me to have to call the same number two times to record explaining that would cause me to miss the contents of some of the information. I told him I didn’t want it. He rudely let me know they don’t take back upgraded phones. He agreed to connect me back to the ZTE but refused to refund the difference, and suggested I pay an additional $15.00 to upgrade to another phone which I refused both. He also did not inform me there was an additional charge I would pay for the Tape It.

Metro PCS what’s up with your service? You promptly send emails at least 7 days before a bill is due, always say I am a valued customer but don’t live up to your word. I call this deception. A car salesman takes the time to explain the features of the car he sells, why should I have to ask your salesman to tell me about the phone as he rudely said “You didn’t ask”.

Is this some kind of game? I pay $60.00 per month for the last year and half, never late on a bill and can’t get what’s best for me from your company. This is the second time I have had this problem with your dealers not honoring the contact. By the way, no signs are posted in the store regarding the information you salesman stated to me.

I am not in the position to spend additional money. I just want my phone that works so I can continue with my classes and my life before this “upgrade”.

Metro PCS – 509 N Military Hwy Norfolk Virginia 23502 | (757) 461-6727

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