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I was sitting watching tv with my little ones when a commercial with an item just screaming out to me came on the screen. Even the kids agreed, so I go online straight away. I was not shown what the total would be. I selected no for every add on request, selected that I only wanted 1 BOGO set, assuming that 1 was the 1 I originally requested.

After it submitted the order, without any review I am might add, I get charged $51.80! This is RIDICULOUS. I am not going to be made a fool and this company WILL cancel this order and WILL give me my money back. Of course conveniently they are also closed on Saturdays, with no assistance online since it cannot find my order.

I am livid. I am not full of disposable cash and this additional expense is a trip to the grocery store for food for my children. I am telling you now this is not over. They will cancel this and they will give me my money. I will not back down.

What a shame they can even get away with this. SHUT THEM DOWN!!!

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