A fraudulent site that scams you out of your money. - Mr Lid

I went to MrLid.com after seeing their commercial on TV, the one where they offer you a second set of containers free if you pay shipping and handling. I selected one set plus the free set and the price was listed as $25.90. It then brought me to the checkout confirmation page. It was at this point I noticed they added a second set to my order bringing the total to $51.80. I removed the second set and the paged refreshed showing a new total of $25.90, which was what I wanted, so I hit “submit order”. That’s when the order confirmation page came up showing that they added the second set back to the order and charged me $51.80, at this point it was too late to make changes as the order had been placed. I immediately called their phone number, but it was late in the day and they were closed so I would have to wait till morning.

I called first thing the next morning and told the guy “Josh” on the phone I wanted to cancel the order because this wasn’t what I agreed to. He informed me that the order had already shipped, and that I would have to wait to receive my order so that I could send it back for a full refund.

After I got off the phone I did a little research online and found this site and learned that they do this to everyone, so I called back, but this time I was pissed. The same guy “Josh” answered the phone again, and I told him I was upset, that I didn’t agree to these charges and that I didn’t want to wait for two weeks to get my money back (two weeks was an estimate I came up with after figuring I’d have to wait for the order to be delivered, then send it back and then wait for them to issue a refund, two weeks is being optimistic as it would probably take closer to four weeks). He continued to give me the run around at which point I got so mad I handed the phone to my wife as I was starting to scream at this guy. After about 2 minutes talking to him she got angry and began shouting at him too. By the end of the call he offered to refund us $25 within 24 hours, and told us we could keep the order or send it back for a full refund.

Amazingly enough we actually received the refund the next day, and the order was delivered a little over a week after we ordered it. Now here’s the thing. As sturdy as these containers are, they fail to mention that they aren’t air tight, therefore they leak liquids. So now I have an ungodly amount of containers that are more or less useless for storing food stuffs or liquids.

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