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I seen the Mr Lid commercial on TV. I went online and placed a order . After I had entered my account information another window popped up. It did not give me a review page of what I ordered. It was asking me questions of do I want this or that. I continue to check no. What I got was a total of 48.80.  I only ordered one and I will get the second set free but as I looked at my order in my email they put two set and I was charged shipping and handling of 7.95 four times.

I have tried over and over to call customer service but stay on hold for hours. They asked me to leave a voicemail but each time I tried I was disconnected. I was trying to cancel my order but I can not get to anyone else. I feel like I was scammed. The website is made to mislead the people who is placing orders.

Mr lid is a scam and they are misleading innocent people who are willing to spend their money to help them by ordering their products but in return we get misuse. It is so unfair and hurtful. Where do I go from here. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

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