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Like the other people that posted I went online to order 1 BOGO set of Mr. Lids’s. It directed me straight to PayPal where it did not tell me what the amount was until I paid and was charged $51.80. I called and tried to cancel this order and was told it wasn’t in the system yet and to call back tomorrow and they could grab my order before it shipped.

Early the next morning I got an email that it had shipped and I called and she confirmed that yes it was shipped and she couldn’t do anything at this point and when I get the package to call and get an RA number to return and they would cover the cost of shipping. She said to ship it back to the address it came from with the RA number on the box and a copy of the USPS receipt in the box and that it had to ship standard or return ground. I just got back from the post office.

I shipped the product back in the exact box that it came in, untouched and it was too large to ship standard or return ground and my only option was priority. Being my only option this is what I did. The shipping charge was $13.05. I’m getting ready to call back and see if they are going to cover this or not. I also wonder if they are going to refund my original shipping and handling fee of $31.80.

The woman I spoke with all 3 times was Heather. I find it funny that I got the same person each time with what I would assume to be a large call center.

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