Misleading, unethical, and shady practice Bed Defense - Bed Defense

I ordered the following on-line through Amazon

1-Bed Defense Combo Pack
1-Bed Defense Couch
1 Bed Defense Pet

My total at the time I ordered was $21.85

My total on the Bill Invoice received with my shipment is $21.85

My account was debited on 12/29/2014 for $16.90 and $4.95 for a total of $21.85

My account was then debited again 1/12/2015 for $58.74

On 1/13/2015 I called the Customer Service number 1-855-454-5528 and what I was told was the $21.85 was for shipping and that the order was for $58.74.

The CSR I spoke with had an accent that made my understanding of what she said somewhat an issue. What I also believe she said was that in placing this order I was committing myself to a “reorder” if I had not responded within 14 days. She said she could mail me documents stating that it was clear what I signed up for. I told her if she could send me actual copies of the “screen shots” of the order process and where this is clearly stated to not bother sending me the documents.

Again, I feel that if I was signing up for a monthly re-order program, it was not clear on the web-site and I plan on placing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with Amazon Products as this is a very deceptive practice and one that I am sure catches many.

I had actually planned on reordering this product for a trip I am planning, however, I will find another vendor as you have lost me as a future customer.

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