Wow, where’s the new parts you installed on my SUV? I don’t see them. - Meineke

I had my SUV towed to meineke Car Center # 4139, San Antonio,Texas 78221, tinking I would get honest and reliable service, but in fact I had been ripped off today for $651.48. Maybe these people are dangerous bikers, who knows, but they truly have a lot of deception that I did ‘t see. Yes, MAM and Pete told me, It’s ready, they had stated that they replaced the water pump, thermostat, and coolant on my SUV, and to pick it up. MAM said he had the old parts to show me, that’s what he had diagnosed.

I drove the SUV home but then it did not start up again, so I opened up the hood and I noticed that the pump, thermostat, and coolant had not been replaced the old parts where still on the SUV not the new parts like I was told.

I called the corporate office number that was on the invoice, but it was for Maaco not meineke, the operator that answered gave me another 800 # that was a recorded option for an extension. I then called the shop, no answer, so I called the police, and they said I had to get a lawyer and take them to court. I feel real embarrassed by this whole experience, I am disabled and have hardly any money, I broke my back and lost my hearing in an accident, I don’t know why they would do this.

So beware of meineke on the drive, it’s starting to feel like the slum or just plain bad a***s, getting away with it all, bullying an old man, shame on you. I would rather I not exist than to be treated so cold blooded. I got there # off the internet under foreign auto repair.

Meineke Car Care #4139 – 1525 SW Military Dr San Sntonio Texas 78221 | 210-927-6265

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