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I signed up for their quarterly in-home plan on August 30, 2014. I paid a total of $150. My neighbor, a Massey employee, has their service year round, but found a nest of roaches in a closet and sprayed roach killer to kill them before Massey came out to “take care” of them. Why were they there in the first place? Of course, the roaches fled to my house.

After two months, I still had a roach problem and cancelled their service on October 29, 2014. No one mentioned the “satisfaction guaranteed” refund or how it worked. When I read the fine print, I sent a letter (it had to be in writing) requesting a refund of my last payment on December 18, 2014. I got no response.

Finally, today, 3 months later, I called to request to speak with someone as to why I didn’t get my refund. A man named Howard, who obviously thought I was less important than he was, wanted (and eventually did) to read the guarantee to me, despite my telling him I had it in front of me. He said it was for 1/2 of my last payment, which I told him it was not and when he read the guarantee to me, proved it wasn’t. He informed me I did not have a “regular” service, I only had the initial service and the “expanded perimeter service”, so I was not entitled to a refund. He said Massey would have continued to perform services free of charge, including supervisor visits and sending out an entomologist (holy cow!) until the problem was resolved.

I told him the guarantee states that if I am not satisfied after 30 days, I could get a refund of my last payment. However, that is ONLY if there has been a “regular” scheduled service visit. I never made it that far! And when I requested service for fleas, I was given 1 1/2 days to, basically, pack up my entire house, even though I was ill, remove my pets, and then have to wash everything down before bringing them back into the house. And they didn’t tell me the house would have to stay closed up for FOUR hours! I don’t have to do that with a flea bomb!

Needless to say, Howard stood his ground and refused to give me my refund, even though it states AFTER 30 DAYS. You wouldn’t have a “regular” scheduled service visit after 30 days, so the guarantee is fraudulent. You would have an Initial Exclusionary Service to start with, and in 30 days would be the Expanded Perimeter Service—NOT a Regular Scheduled Service.

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