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My wife is ill and often has memory problems. Sometimes she forgets she has no money in her account. She wrote a couple of bad checks to them but paid them the money later on. She is 60 years old and I am 67.

Today is Christmas Eve we went Market Basket to get some deserts for Christmas at my daughters house. My wife forget her Bank Check card so she tried to pay by check. She has several hundred is her account. They would not honor her Market Basket check card. We went to the courtesy booth and the store mangers came over, he refused to allow her to pay by check. My wife got angry and called him a a^s H&(l. He ordered her out of the store. He was being a complete jerk to my wife. At that point I offered to pay for the groceries with my charge card. He continue to be a jerk to my ill wife.

At that point I called him a a&8 h&*e also. This manager was very disrespectful to us and ordered me out of the store also and told his employee to call the police. I must say he was not man enough to try to removed us on his own. After a few minutes going back and forth with him we left.

The Market Basket store is in Hudson NH. I must say we supported them when they had all the problems with the hostile take over. For him to behave this way with an elderly couple is deplorable. The man needs at the least some sensitivity and customer service training for treating customers like this. Shame on you Market Basket. Perhaps you should just fire this manager. You should at the least give us an apology for this behavior. To treat anyone like this especially on Christmas Eve says a lot for the quality of your managers. If they treat there employees like this then you as a business are in trouble. We went to another store to get what we wanted. The police just showed up at our door. They said I was going to be charged with criminal threatening.

Market Basket – Lowell Road Hudson NH 

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