Fraud Theft And Liars! What A Joke! - Mango Pure Cleanse

Do not purchase this product, massive scam and rip off. I was offered this weight loss product for $4.99 for a free 30 day trial! i did NOT receive the product until after the 30 day trial period had ended then only just receiving the product on Monday the 9th of February 2015 was then charged within 6 days after finally receiving it a further 2 payments of $116.98 and $116.35 were STOLEN! From my bank account without any further authorization.

I have emailed them during the trial period asking where it was and have emailed them again asking for my money back and i am still waiting for a response. I WILL be sending the product and i urge everyone not to fall for this scam! Their customer support keeps me on hold for 20-30 minutes each time and then gets disconnected, their email support refuses to answer, they are a company that lies to their customers by offering a free trial and steals their money without permission and none of this is listed on their site, this is theft and illegal.

I contacted my bank prior to writing this and they said that there have been A LOT of calls regarding this company stealing their money, DO NOT FALL FOR MANGO PURE CLEANSE!

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