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Had a story pop up on face book and was telling about this girl who lost weight using Garcinia and for only $4.95 I could try it free just pay shipping. I put in my info and when I tried to put it through another ad popped up offering me mango cleansing product for $4.99 I tried to back out of it but was on my mobile phone and it processed it too. A week later here is a package at my door with two bottle of pills no return address and no paper work inside. I was going out of town so put them in my dresser and forgot about them. Until I got a notice from my bank my account was overdrawn.

I called my back immediately and started an investigation. They blocked this company from taking any further money from my account. I received a letter from the investigation team saying these people said I never cancelled my 14 day free trial or sent the merchandise back and so I am benefiting from there product.

So I now have a phone number for Slimming Cleanse with African Mango and Slimming Garcinia one claims to be in Arizona and the other in Texas. The toll free number is 877 340-3080. I asked for a address to return my product and she said I would have to go to the website. The one she gave me does not exist. She said my account is closed but that is only because my bank put a stop on them taking out money because she advised me they have tried several times. She also told me I cannot return my product even thought it has not been opened because the 14 day trial period is past. This woman had the information on both my products and they shipped together so they are operating as one.

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