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Ordered the “free” set of golf balls for my son in law and was charged $1 for using the credit card. What this is really is is so they can get you to use the card because that’s where they hide there note (BOTTOM OF THE CHECK OUT AREA) about the monthly fee of what was $47.83 that they charged me to use their site but is now $29.99 I believe.YOU ONLY HAVE 1 WEEK TO CALL AND CANCEL!

When I called you get some guy that will offer to refund part of the price so that you don’t contact your bank or credit card company which is exactly what he he said but also stated in that they don’t want to deal with the credit card companies or something along those lines. They have a no refund statement on their web site and in there little hidden thing under the check out and probably not much you can do since it it written there.

I decided to take the refund offer of $30 even though I threatened to call the bank and BBB which they didn’t seem to care if I did or didn’t. They go as far as to even having a statement that says who they are under contact us it says Our Company and then it has some guys sitting at a desk in front of computers with the following caption “We’re a team of writers, creatives, developers and customer loyalty specialists. And, yes, we all play golf. We’d love to hear from you!” That’s their statement copied and pasted here.


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