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I heard the add for a free sleeve of golf balls that tested better than another leading ball on my local sports radio station. I called the toll free number. It was completely automated and highly functional. All went well. I was informed I would be charged one dollar for shipping and the sleeve would arrive in a few days. That’s it!! Nothing else ever mentioned. They did. All seemed well.

A type written note was in the package thanking me for trying the balls and asking that I follow up with feed back after testing them. Took a couple weeks. I got to the range and practiced chipping and putting. They seemed heavy.

Two weeks later, I took them to a course. Seemed dead and heavy. I’m looking for a go to ball for the season and have several other brands/types at home. Took these back to the house and did a bounce test. Dead. I found sun-bleached balls on the course that day with better bounce.

I went to look up the number from my billing statement on my card to give my feedback and I found I had been charged nearly $50. I looked up reviews and found I wasn’t the only one.

I called, got a ton of run around. I made threats and eventually got a full refund. Just keep at it. I asked for the supervisor multiple times. I was put on hold and given several offers. First, try it out. It’s a great web site membership. Then, $15. Then, $24. Eventually, they gave me a full refund and ‘waved’ the cancellation fees. They have a script and stick to it until the bitter end.

Good luck. You can get all your cash back, except the $1.00.

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