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I saw a promotional on line ad for “Scratch” golf balls. The ad indicated that if I paid the shipping I would get a free sleeve of golf balls. I bit on the ad and paid the shipping and received the golf balls. What I did not realize is that apparenlty somewhere in tiny print (I did not see it) by ordering the golf balls I was also signing up for a subscription to: Major Golf Pro, a membership web site apparently designed to help golfers improve their game. So about a month after receiving the golf balls I noticed a $47.83 charge to Major Golf Pro on my debit card.

When I called to complain and ask for a refund I was informed that there had actually been two charges for $47.83 to my card and that they could only refund one of them. After asking to speak to a “floor manager” and then threatening to contact the Attorney Generals Office and the Better Business Bureau they finally agreed to refund both charges.

My complaint is that Major Golf Pro is engaging in deceptive advertising where you think all you are doing is ordering golf balls but you are actually signing up for a web site membership. At no point and and no place in the ad was it clear that rather than ordering golf balls you were actually signing up for a recurring membership. I had to ask to speak to a manager and get very firm, very forceful and indicate that I would be contacting the Attorney Generals Office, my bank, the Better Business Bureau and that lawers would be involved in order to get them to agree to refund all of my money.

This is clearly a scam and they shouldnt be allowed to run it. Though the name “Scratch” was written on the golf balls I received I’ve not been able to locate any legitimate golf ball company by that name. After reading some of the other complaints about Major Golf Pro it sounds like I was lucky to get all of my money back.

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