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I happened to see an ad from Major Golf Pro promising to give away a free sleeve of Scratch Golf Balls. In the ad it was stated that Scratch Golf Balls tested higher than Titleist Golf Balls in many categories. To get the FREE scratch golf balls I had to fill out a form of my personal information including my credit card number.

I was charged a $1.00 fee for shipping and handling. I received my golf balls in the mail in 3 days. 10 days later when I was looking at my credit card statement I found a $47.83 charge from Major Golf Pro.

When I looked into it, I was informed that when I signed up for the FREE ($1.00) golf balls I also signed up for a recurring monthly fee for a membership to Major Golf Pro. (All this was written in the fine print including that all fees are nonrefundable) I was able to cancel,
my member ship for an additional fee of $1.95. All said and done: My FREE sleeve of golf balls cost me $50.78.

That equates to $17.00 a ball. They better be REALLY GOOD!

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