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I received an e-mail offering a sleeve of balls for $1 but, in doing so, I was signed up for a monthly membership subscription of $29.99. Supposedly, somewhere (in very small print) there is the notation that you agree by accepting the balls.

Hopefully, I have been able to cancel the subscription, but even so, they got me for $29.99.

Beware, there is no free lunch and this company should be avoided because they are operating a scam to get your money. I would suggest that you check very carefully if you receive an offer of a sleeve of golf balls from this company for $1. You only have 7 days to cancel the subscription you will be signed up for in some very small font notation on the offer.

I have learned a lesson and will never again fall for such a scam.

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I would like to start a class action against these people and this company. I want to do more than merely complain about them.

iF YOU BOUGHT THE GOLF balls, you can avoid the charge by calling the 855 number and demanding a full refund, do not agree to the $19.95 cancellation fee, your call is recorded, just demand a full refund and cancellation with no fees, you will get it !

Could you email me the complete phone number to call…855……..thank you very much.

this company charged my credit card $47 and I don’t know how they got my cc number

This is the worst company in the history of ordering. One sleeve of balls, 1.00 not bad then the second for 9.99 not bad, got my statement 49.95 for something I never ordered or wanted, called and they said they would remove the 49.95 but I got charged 19.95 more, will throw these d**n balls in the garbage

What number did you call? I need to call too.

Do NOT accept a sleeve of “free” golf balls for $1 shipping from Major Golf! About a week later your credit card will be charged $47.83 for a “membership” that is supposedly in the fine print. I was able to get the charge reversed, but this is a scam.

How did you contact them? I’m trying to do the same thing.

I too fell for the scam 3-21-2017 for a free sleeve of golf balls. On 3-28-17 I was charged 47.83 for the monthly subscription. I called to have the charges of 47.83 /per month reversed as I told them I did not sign up for the monthly subscription. I was told by Lisette (rep) that she could bot reverse the charges. I asked for a supervisor at which time Lisette advised me that a supervisor would provide me with the same information. NO REFUNDS. She provided me the confirmation number for canceling the monthly subscription and proceeded hang up on… Read more »

I can’t understand how these people are allowed to scam the public like this.

21 June 16 I bought 2 sleeves of those “free” golf balls and yes they did come. They are as hard as rocks. I’m a 12 handicap and — never mind DON’T DO IT !!!! So I just checked my checking account and where did that $47 charge come from. Major Golf Pro so I called. Once you buy the free balls, you also get a 7 day membership for free and then they charge you a monthly membership fee on your credit card. You can cancel, which I did but you can’t get your fee back. I told them… Read more »

Unfortunately for me, my wife does the bills so it took several months before we caught it. Wonder how many unknowing saps these scums are scamming.

Same thing. Company says I “agreed” to the monthly charges, but I checked their website again and can find no reference to any such agreement. They did indicate that they cancelled the account, and I blocked future charges at my bank.

Scum scamming unsuspecting saps. How can this be legal?

MAJOR GOLF PRO CO. IS A SCAM!!! Do not fall for this scam!! I foolishly bought the first sleeve of “Scratch” golf balls and ordered an additional sleeve of 3 balls for $4.99. I did receive the two sleeves of a total of six balls. Today my credit card showed a $47.83! For What? I called the number provided on my original order and spoke with Jamaal. The $47.83 was for my “membership”! I told Jamaal to cancel my order. He informed me that there would be an additional $20.00 charge for the cancellation. I hit the roof and told… Read more »

Wish there was a way to alert all the unsuspecting saps about these scumbags. I’m sure like many I also payed the $1 shipping charge for a free sleeve & they started charging me $47/mo for several months before we caught it.

This is big scam they don’t tell you this is a membership a TOTAL rip off I don’t recommend anyone doing business with a company like this.I talked to one of the customer service reps and he refunded me 12.00 out of the 30.99 that was charged to me


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