September 4, 2015 Friday Lab Corp Pt Arthur Texas Service Center I went to Lab Corp early in the morning so I could get in line by 7:00 am. because I was fasting for my blood work. There were 7 or 8 people in line already and Courtney(employee) didn’t show up until 7:05 am.

She went and unlocked the door and everyone went in an orderly fashion. Everyone signed in and sat down. Then she started calling people to the front desk to check their information and told everybody to sit and she would be right with them. She was very short with people. She was the only employee at this time. I gave her my doctors slip and I gave her my insurance card and my husband’s employee number.

I took my seat and started looking at my phone and was listening to 3 older women talking about getting blood drawn and one lady was saying that her husband died 10 years ago. They were just sitting and visiting among themselves. I didn’t talk to anyone, I might have smiled at some of the patients. Courtney was calling people back and then 2 gentleman came in and stood at the counter for quite a while. I am not sure if she told them that she would right with them or not.

Courtney called me back and I sat in the draw chair and I was getting about 4 tests run and she inserted the needle in my right arm in the bend of my elbow and I swear that the needle went to my elbow bone. I didn’t scream or say anything but it hurt so bad!

When Courtney got through I told her thank you..After I left, I was crying walking to my car because the pain was excruciating. This is Monday Sept 8th 2015 and I still can’t stretch my arm out. I think she hit a nerve or a tendon in my arm. It feels like I have tennis elbow now.

I am not the type of person to complain about companies but I had to this time. I worked for Lab Corp for 5 years. Lab Corp is a great company but I don’t know what happened. My husband works for Lab Corp and I don’t know if this was the problem or not.

This is not the first time Courtney did this to me.Time before this I had a huge knot where she drew blood but she thankfully didn’t hit a nerve.That knot was black and blue and lasted for about a month. But I didn’t complain at that time.

I will NEVER let Courtney stick me ever again. It will ONLY be Erica who is a very nice and friendly lady.

LAB CORP – 2501 Jimmy Johnson Blvd St 209 Pt Arthur TX 77640 United States
| 409-729-2588

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