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Payment accepted – but credits not given – restarts itself – losing my one chance to beat the challenge! Multiple times!

Playing Bubble Witch 2, purchased gold bars, tells me purchase was accepted, taken from my bank acct, but no gold bars were given to me…

On top of that i needed one or 2 more bubbles to beat the level, and the game restarted itself, and this happened multiple times.

I can’t seem to find where i need to write to, to get my hard earned monies credited back to me! Its over $30 worth in 3 days!

For King Games Representatives or Owners

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Candy Crush…bought the May ‘special’ for $9.99. Not only did I not get the bars/lives/tools, my bank account was charged twice. Sucks big ones!

This is the second tIME CANDY CRUSH TOOK my money but didn’t give me my credits!!’


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