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Recently both me and my husband have noticed levels being played faster then what seemed normal but we figured it was just us getting into our levels and not paying attention to moves.

After a week or so of being stuck on the same level I really began to watch how many moves I had and sure enough my levels are being cut short causing me to fail the level (even when I’m about to beat it) and start it over. It’s not just one or two moves either, my husband this morning had 6 moves taken away with one jelly to remove and instead of being able to finish and move on, he’s stuck replaying a level technically he would have won if he had his moves remaining!

Not only are moves stolen, I’ve had lives stolen and boosters won as well as bought that are just disappearing from me before having a chance to use them! Why is this happening?! I spend money on gold to buy lives/boosters just to have them stolen right out of my possession!

So not only is taking lives/boosters/moves but also THEY ARE STEALING MY MONEY ALONG WITH IT! I would just delete the game but they have me hooked and I would just re-download! My husband and myself would like to have answers, we deserve an explanation as well as my money refunded from my stolen purchases! I wish I could give Marcus Whalen an actual piece of my mind but that will never happen! He is a thief, liar and just in general a bad man to continue to do these things to the people who continue to play one or more games! Ltd – PO Box 6413 London England W1A 7DR United Kingdom | 207-494-1881 |

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