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I never play games but was introduced to Candy Crush buy a friend. Just try it she kept saying, so finaly i did. Well i loved it! More and more i played when i started paying money to go to next episode so i did not have to wait then buying gold bars which i buy specials with ect. Well first Complaint i pay to go to next episode and it does not work so i have to pay again and sometimes AGAIN!! Bull!

Then you use specials and they do not work or show up yet they are taken away from your inventory. Once in a while you will turn on the game and EVERYTHING IS GONE!Gold bars saved lives all your specials everything. That is a lot of money. I am ready to cancel and delete the game and so are others i know. This is un fair and costly my advice to anyone is if you are playing any games do not pay for anything just take what comes free with the game.

Clearly they do not care when you lose money due to their error or they would contact you and re pay you. As long as lots of money goes into their pockets all is great and honestly the more stuff they steel from you in the game the more money you will spend so in turn there stealing from you!

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