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on 2/18/2015 I paid for a car wash at this shell gas station. as I was parked inside the wash machine the thing shut off. I went to talk to the attendent who was the manager when he said F**k you, you broke my machine. I told him I did no such thing and either give me my money back or let me run my car through the d**n washer again. He told me to f**k off again. So I started yelling and said I would call the cops. He got on the loud speaker where all the patrons at the gas pumps could hear him call me a f***t and he said f**k off and don’t come back here.

Several times he told me “I’m going to f**k you up” I called the police to file a report.

This guy is mentally unstable.. not only did he threaten me but he stepped outside his box to insult me and get very close to me making aggressive gestures. This guy is going to hurt someone one day if he is not removed from a customer service position. I lost my money for the car wash and I spent so much time waiting for police that I lost wages over this incident.

However, I was not going to leave until I reported this guy. It is only a matter of time before someone is attacked by this guy or someone beats the crap out of him. Can’t believe he hasn’t been fired yet. There are tons of yelp reviews indicating that this is his M.O. for dealing with customer complaints.

Johnny’s Shell Gas Station – 248 South Airport Blvd South San Francisco, California 94080 | 323-875-8688

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