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Ordered my pizza at 2134 S. Church St in Burlington, NC. Was told the total due. Gave the girl a $50.00 bill and was then told they do not accept that denomination of money.

I then checked to see if there were any signs posted anywhere in that store that said to all consumers “we do not accept $50.00 bills”, and of course there was no notice of any kind that dealt with money.

I put my money back in my wallet and went to a different pizza chain and got great service AND pizza using the same money.

Little Caesars Pizza – 2134 S Church St Burlington NC 27215 | 336-229-7423

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When you buy a $5 pizza, and pay with a large bill, it empties their register of change. Since they sell $5 pizzas, they don’t keep large amounts of money in their drawer. It’s just not sensible. Whereas going to a different pizza chain where pizzas are priced at two to three times LC’s price, it is no wonder they had enough change on hand.


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