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I placed an order from for product. the site claims to have a Colorado license and has a phone number listed.

I spoke to them and texted with them prior to placing the order. once the money was sent $400.00, they claimed to need an additional $320.00 for shipping fees.

They will not refund my money or send anything. at this point they have acknowledged that they scammed me. be warned before ordering anything from thee folks. – Martha harrisonburg, va 720-443-2936

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This is a definite scam, got me for $300.00 and when I’m expecting a package I’m told we need $200 more for “insurance”. Anyone who has been scammed go to IC3, internet Crimes and file a complaint. It may be tough, knowing what we were doing, but most of us have a medical need for this. I’ve been harassing them non-stop and these idiots are still using the number on the website. File a claim with IC3, Internet Crimes, it might get these jokers off the streets and behind bars were they belong.

Please don’t let this happen to you . I purchased from dever marijuana online . I spent 200.00. Once they received their money the jig was up . They stopped contacting me and even disconnected their phone. They lied about other people complaining about their business . They told me it was competition and they would never rip off anybody . I never received my item til this day . Don’t buy from these people . DENVERMARIJUANAONLINE IS A SCAM . He or she will take your money . Don’t buy from them .

Thank you was about to order from them. Looked suspicious as phone number is an Ohio number


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