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This is’nt about a call or text, this is about the money that I worked for but never received compensation for the work I’ve done, I’ve tried calling you about this complaint over and over but know one has returned my calls, I’ve also sent several letters to your corporate headquarters at 1295 Northland Drive SUITE 300 St. PAUL Mn. 55120 but still know response!

This has been over 3yrs ago even up to no w! I have a (Inboxdollar sign up app) on my YouTube video channel that gives a $5.00 bonus to every one who signs up! To confirm my complaint about never getting $paid/compensated$ for my affiliation with (Inboxdollars) Marketing sign up app that’s been on my YouTube video channel since 2012 until today 6-11-2015!!! This is my YouTube video channel for your confirmation, just go to (thedrevlee’s channel were Jesus is Lord)!

So please send me what’s owed me for these 3 1/2 years, thanks and God bless you for the integrity of your Inboxdollar Marketing Loyalty to it’s affiliates…

P.S. I DON’T THINK I NEED TO GET MY LAWYER INVOLVED OR SHOULD I? After you investigate to confirm that I’m telling you the truth please send my check to this address (1951 W. Blount St. Apt. 404 Pensacola Florida. 32501…

SINCERELY DR. ERIC V. LEE (850) 760-7148…(My old address was in PITTSBURGH PA that’s where I lived when I first signed up with Inboxdollar Marketing, I’ve moved to Pensacola Florida to take care of my mother!!!)

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