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They said that i violate there terms; where all i do is take surveys to earn money.

Everytime i reach about 290 hundred dollar they want me to get them a w2 form, but i have no job at this time and i need this money to get the thing i need to get.

So i make another account and they have problem. I hate this company, they call me hacker, a fraud.

I want to sue this company really bad. And

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Federal law states that you must file for taxes for any amount OVER $600 that you receive from a company, whether it’s pay or ‘gifted’ for any of the 50 US states or Washington DC. However one MAJOR place anyone scammed by should file with is the FBI scam website. Especially since money is involved. If the FBI gets a few complaints about this company, they will investigate and most likely press charges or force them out of business for scamming consumers.

If you make over a certain amount you do have to file taxes. Not doing so is tax evasion, so yes you are a fraud/Criminal. Inboxdollars isnt gonna allow you to drag them down with you. Your complaint is void & meaningless. Fyi- you wouldn’t of had to pay any extra taxes because its such a small amount of money, so u just screwed urself.

Only if you make $600 or more so you are a f*****g idiot

They did the same for me after I earned $300, but according to the IRS website it is required one you reach $600

Booo hooo


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