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I signed up for inbox dollars years ago and I got $5 immediately for signing up. After that I spent many years clicking on emails and doing surveys and offers. Sadly my email was hacked so I don’t have all of my emails and because inbox dollars does not keep the records, according to an email they just sent me, I do no know for a fact the exact amount of money that I accumulated but I believe it was $25 or more at least

I had a life change and was not able to log on for a while. When I logged in again to claim my money and continue using the site I saw that my money earned showed zero and all my points were gone. I contacted customer support and they informed me that I had waited too long to claim my accumulated money and they took it away and took away all of my points as well. As per an email I just got I was told that because we’re not employees they are not obliged to pay us. Basically the emails contain alot of excuses and explanations for taking away years of earned money, that make no sense.

Basically they took away money I earned and tried to convince me it was a good thing and they have gone so far as to even ask me to sign up again. That of course will never happen.

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