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In 2013, I fell on a financial hardship and I was forced to apply for a p****y loan. This company came in contact with my information made a deposit in the amount of $300 around November of 2013. I tried several to times to contact them and find out about my contract agreement, because of the constant withdrawals that we being taken from my account twice a month.

I could not reach anyone with this company, I went to my bank because this cause hundreds and hundreds of of dollars in overdraft and return charges and my bank couldn’t even locate any contact information. I had so many charges from this company that the bank closed my account and I was left owing the bank almost $500 in fees.

I have never heard from this company and could never get in contact with them, but today I get a call from a Law Firm threatening to file false charges against me for this company and they refuse to disclose any information to me other than me paying $540 to cover the cost of debt Hydra Financial.

Although this company is continuing to seek payment, I still cannot get any contact information from the firm to reach them.

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