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I ordered a prom dress from JJ’s House online. The website said it was made of silk and showed beautiful pictures of a model wearing it. The website said it should be shipped in two days and never once did they say the company was from China.

After about 10 or so days, I received my dress in a tiny box. The dress was folded and compressed to fit inside. I opened it and took the dress out and could clearly feel and see that the dress was not made of silk. It was made of cheap polyester and a cheaply made pattern that sort of resembled the pictures they advertised online. I tried the dress on and it would not zip even though I had ordered a size up just so I could compensate for the various different ways a dress could fit.

Extremely dissatisfied began their INSANE return process. I emailed pictures of the dress front and back and told them it did not fit nor was the material what it was supposed to be. They emailed back saying the dress had to be on me in order to prove what I was saying was true. After this I figured there was something going on and looked up reviews for the company and except for on their site, I didn’t see one positive review.

No one is getting their money back from this company nor is the company letting anyone return anything. JJ’s House is a scam. They find pictures of dresses online and post them on their site and have their little workers replicate them. Cheaply. No one should order from this website, it is a scam and you will NOT be happy with their service. They will screw you over and you will lose your money.

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