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We booked 4 night at the hotel 8 in Pompano Beach Florida weeks in advance of the Miami boat show. It was odd when I made the reservation that the price per night went up at a surprising rate. opening rate was 119.00 per night … well ok I thought…

When we arrived in the evening after a full day of driving the last thing I wanted to deal with was a nasty hotel. we found the front desk like ice cubes. when asking why it was so cold, the clerk indicated that he didn’t like the stench of cigarettes. We checked in and proceeded to our room.

The hall ways were covered with sheets of plastic and plywood. When you walked over them you could feel that there were big holes in the floor…. We entered the no smoking room….stink…oh my. In checking the bath room our disgust was increased. The base of the commode was black clearly not cleaned. We found the remainder of the room to have holes in the walls and in disrepair.

The next day when proceeding out for the days business activity we overheard the desk clerk quoting a young lady 185 for the night … holly crap … really my rates started at 119 and were 154 per night at the fourth night. in my opinion this was a 39.95 per night hotel.

The entire stay was nasty, if I had not paid in advance through Travelocity I would have bailed. Now i formally live one mile down the street for 28 years, this was not the bad end of town this is a case of OMG what happened here.

With assurance i will NEVER darken a super 8 door again . i am in hopes tht some corporate member will see this hammer the filthy place. refund would be nice but im not holding my breath.

Super 8 hotel 10th street , Pompano Beach Florida – What a flee Bag dump and Cannot recommend.


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