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After spending thousands of dollars on American Auction Network, my account was blocked by (apparently) an owner aka “Jerimahia.” No one knows the reason. This owner “does not take calls.” No one can unblock my account, since it’s been blocked by the “owner,” who obviously has very little people’s skills!

Every time, I turned this chanel, I hear their complaints about competition.

Well, if they can afford treating thier customers so poorly, e.g. kicking people out from the system with no reasons, I can’t imagine this business lasting too long. And I hope there will be more other decent programs like Perry’s and Caroline & Tammy with nice and friendly people who knows how to negotiate and keep customers happy, rather than this rude Jarimhai with his crew who thinks that he is the king of the Jungle and teats customers so low .

I do not feel the good old logo “the customer is always right!” applied by American Auction Network in their rutine.

They are prejudists and sexists.

They are rude and awful in CS. No wonder, they say “fish starts getting spoiled from the head.” Well, it’s true! Their “head” stinks big time!

Once I was bidding on a pin. Any one else was allowed to bid on other items, but I was told that that particlular item goes for 1,000….. though several days ago they put the same pin for auction with any starting bids as low as $50! Yet Jerimhaia made a huge deal out of it

This place makes no sence. What I have seen there was eragance and dismissive attitude toward customers. They live off their customers, yet they treat us like dirt!

This is disgusting and low.

For Americas Auction Network Representatives or Owners

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