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Home Advisor is a lead generation company that calls virtually every contractor in the US and offers them more business by purchasing leads for potential prospects. Home Advisor has a major ad campaign to appeal to the average Homeowner. They give off the impression that they verify these contractors to make sure they have the appropriate trade requirements.

In fact on every profile page for each contractor there is a list of checkmarks to ensure the screening process. #1 on the list is “Verify Trade License”, in the fine print it states they check at the State level for Trade licenses. Many States such as Kansas don’t have State level requirements, they do however have individual city and country requirements. Most of the contractors performing plumbing work in Kansas are not Licensed Plumbers.

Home Advisor also filters out negative reviews to make their contractors appear to be better service providers than they really are. It’s almost impossible to find a Home Advisor profile that has a negative rating. If the contractor has a bad rating they will no longer be interested in purchasing leads. Many consumers have complained that there review was removed from the company’s profile.

These complaints can be seen on other websites such as this but they are hard to find. Home Advisor has been directing the users to these pages to bury the complaints left by people that were upset with the service.

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