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Haier Refrigerator purchased from hhgregg in Roanoke Virginia.

Refrigerator was bought for garage in June 2014. Ran well until cold weather. Then I called for service. I am attaching just some of the documentation.

Several trips to hhgregg in Roanoke to discuss the problem with the refrigerator and a number of letters written. Among those is the letter below.

Thanks John for your reply. Your reply is very interesting.

1. We do not have a basement and there was no mention of a basement. I am embarrassed that you think I would have not told the truth about my conversation with your rep about using it in my garage. My wife was with me on this occasion as well as later on when I brought the matter to your attention.

2. You mention that your rep is well versed on garage use. Very interesting since when I brought this to your attention you indicated you did not know of a problem using the refrigerator in a garage and that you knew of many people who did use them in their garage.

3. You say it too late to return the refrigerator. Also so interesting since there was no way I knew of the problem until cold weather came and neither did you. As soon as it surfaced I raised the issue. What is your cut off time in taking care of a customer who has purchased almost every appliance in their house from you?

It is difficult for me to imagine a company as large as hhgregg taking a position of leaving me on my own, all the way, to try to resolve this problem. Even when you and I did not know if it was a technical problem with the unit or the cold weather, your company left me on my own. You did not send someone out under the existing warranty nor would the extended warranty people come out. You left me to try to sort it out with many hours on the phone, internet and emailing. Not to mention the additional electrical charge using a heater to keep the garage warm enough to keep the unit going. Owning several businesses in Roanoke and Salem I cannot imagine not taking care of a customer where only 6 or $700.00 is involved. In fact we can document buying back over $50,000.00 worth of equipment when one of our reps sold some equipment which did not fit the customer’s needs and they felt they were misled.

So here is my plan now:
A. I will purchase the Frigidaire I made you aware of from Lowes when all the company leaves after the holidays. You said you would sell me the unit at your cost. Obviously I will never take a chance of buying anything else from hhgregg as I would never know when you would support it or not. Nor would I recommend anyone else doing so.

B. I will plug your unit and the Frigidaire in side by side and document how each runs in the cold weather. I will use my neighbor (as a witness) who owns the SeaTow dealership on Smith Mountain Lake and who is President of our association. His wife also works with a law firm in Roanoke. There is no doubt they will be credible witnesses.

C. I will document how both of the units perform under cold conditions.

D. I will furnish all this data to you.

E. Since you have said you will not help me.

F. I will then sell either one or both of the units on Craig’s list for whatever I can get.

G. Then I will decide how to proceed from there.

H. I purchased the Frigidaire from Lowes and it has run continually without stopping. Haier will not run below 50 degrees. Left on trip January 15, 2015 and returned January 31, 2015. Our neighbor Rick Ellet checked Frigidaire refrigerator daily and it never shut off. Temperature got down to 35 in garage during this period.

At this point I am not sure that I want any further help (which is highly unlikely) from hhgregg. But you can see you have left one very unhappy previous customer. Surely that would bother someone high up in your company; at least I would hope so.


Paul H Story Sr

Follow up info:
I called them several more times and they said they could not help.

I then called their home office in Indiana. After being on hold for the complaint department for over 45 minutes, the gentlemen I spoke to said the local store has to handle their own complaints and if they said they could not help that was all that could be done. I then asked for the legal department and they said they did not have one.

On February 27, 2015 I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Indiana where hhgregg has its home office. I attached a summary of my contacts with hhgregg and outlined the problem in detail. I was amazed to see that hhgregg had over 1,300 complaints filed against them.

On March 3, 2015 I received notice from BBB that the complaint had been rejected as I had waited too long to register my complaint. I sent them another copy of my letter to the local hhgregg outlining why I could not have filed the complaint earlier.

On April 4, 2015 I received notice from BBB that hhgregg had given their final review and would not help me with the problem.

I am 80 years old and have bought from many companies through the years. I have never dealt with a company that was worse or even close to hhgregg in taking care of its customers.

It is certainly better to pay a little more and deal with companies that are members of BBB, like Lowes, Home Depot and Sears.

Hhgregg Negative comments from me and my family will cost them much more in lost sales than it would have cost to have taken back the refrigerator.

Paul H Story

hhgregg – 1900 Valley View Blvd NW Roanoke Virginia | 540-204-9501

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