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I purchased a laptop from hhgreg on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at the store located in Largo, Maryland and was initially told the item was in stock. The story was changed to the laptop being a discounted item with none in stock but a 10% discount would be given if the display model was purchased. The salesman changed the story again saying some were at the warehouse in Brandywine, Maryland giving me the option to pick it up or pick it up from the store the next day. The salesman returned to advise the laptop would not be available until Saturday, February 28, 2015 and I needed to place my order so his manager could put the information in the system and call the store on Saturday, February 28, 2015 to make sure the laptop was available for pickup.

I contacted the store @ 301-778-1396 to get a status on my laptop and the call was taken by Chris who told me to hold on the line. I was on hold for thirty minutes while driving to the store and no one came back to the phone to assist me. Naturally I got heated and looked at the situation as poor customer service. The store received their money for the laptop the day before pickup because it cleared my bank account.

I walked into the store and asked for the manager who happened to be a Hispanic gentleman working the cash register in the middle of the store. Another employee assisted me and was told about being on hold for thirty minutes about the status on my paid laptop. He took my receipt and went to the back to retrieve my laptop. In the meantime I asked for Chris who told me the manager was given my call to assist me which happened to be the same Hispanic gentleman wearing the light blue shirt.

When he was questioned about my thirty minute hold time about my laptop he acted as if he had no idea what I was talking about. As I looked at the phone by his register I could still see my call that was on hold because of the red blinking light. I told the manager my laptop was paid for and being on hold for thirty minutes without a response was poor customer service. He immediately got an attitude and his demeanor change showing he did not care as he told me, “to calm down.”

My response was,” this entire incident was not only poor customer service which I would put online and notify the CEO but some bullshit.” He threated to call the police which I advised him, “to call the police because I was not scared.” He did not apologize for his actions, poor customer service, and did not assist me. I walked away from him to de-escalate the situation and told him, “I do not want to hear anything from you just get my laptop so I can leave.”

For those people who do not know the history, hhgreg replaced Circuit City and fails to realize they are traveling the same path and eventually will fail as well. I take full responsibility for my actions and will not purchase anything from that hhgreg store again. The store needs to change the commission system and simply pay a flat salary and the employees will no longer need to act like hungry roaches or cutthroats trying to make money.

Hhgregg Appliances & Electronics 1020 Shoppers Way Largo Md 20774 | 301-778-1396

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