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About 6 months ago I was financially struggling and attempted to get a p****y loan. I applied for quite a few not knowing any better and I was turned down for all of them so I thought nothing off it. About 3 months ago I started to get emails from an ACS department telling me that I owe them over $996 and they were going to file a lawsuit against me and told me that I would have to pay them to settle the debt to avoid legal action. They told me that I need to purchase a reloadit card and to pay $120 a week until the debt is paid off.

I’m a young college student and I was scared so I did what they asked because I didn’t want to be sued. I thought that it was suspicious when they wanted the reloadit card information, the e-mails were not grammatically correct and when I would ask about their information I would get the run around. I paid them over $900 and then when I think it’s all paid off they tell me that the reloadit card information I sent them didn’t have any money on it knowing it did so I called the reloadit customer service and they told me that the card was already used.

Then when this was going on another ACE department starting emailing me telling me I owe them $846 and I need to pay it working 48 hours then they said I could do payments of $120 a week on a reloadit card. I asked why I couldn’t do it like a payment on my debit card and they responded that it was because they are working with the company to settle the debt to avoid the legal action. As if they were doing me a favor. But it was the same issue with the one prior so I started to do more research because it was too coincidental and then I got another email for someone named Steve Madden and he was with the ACS department telling me I need to pay them $150 a week until another debt is paid off.

I never heard of these pay day loan companies and never receive large sums of money like what they are telling me I owe. I lost over $1160 that they stole from me and to find out it is fraud and I want it to stop. They threatened me and emailed me constantly and harassing me and I want these scam artists to be punished. This isn’t fair to those who don’t have a large income or falsely being accused of a debt they never received.

cash.usa.collections@gmail.com | steve.madden@acs.settlements.com

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I also got an email from this group, I called an attorney cause I never had a p****y loan thru these ppl, or ever heard of them. Plus to threaten me is illegal. Than its kind of funny I see that everyone is going to pay over $4,000 if its takin to court, really again your threating me. Than to respond by email only,, wrong plus my attorney said they have to by law send a certified letter again never happened. Plus they said I never responded to any of there emails. I never got a email from them plus… Read more »
I too received a email from a Jason connor from ACS threatening me to pay for a loan that I’ve never gotten or they’d have me charges with 3 charges one of money laundering, one of check fraud, and the last I cannot recall but I get these all the time and do my best to p**s them off.I got scammed for 300 one time and the FBI informed me of the ever growing crime of identity theft they took my report and they told me if I had to attempt to get a loan online to be wary that… Read more »

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