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After receiving a brace ( brace # 1) that did exactly the opposite of what the Doc’s wanted for my husbands post polio issue, Hanger made a second brace – despite being ill fitting, the tech suggested we show it to the therapist to see if it would work. The therapist agreed it was ill fitting, so I began the task of trying to get the issue resolved.

The first number we were given upon leaving the hospital was disconnected, I tried a second office (Mount Dora) the person answering the phone there told me I’d have to call the Winter Park FL office, I was told by someone at the Winter Park Office I would have to call the Eustis Fl office – when I insisted on speaking to someone in authority- Nancy assured me it was not uncommon to have to make adjustments to the brace. She further assured me that she would call the Eustis FL office to explain the situation so things could be expedited.

I waited 15 minutes and called the Eustis office. No answer. Waited another 10 minutes again no answer.

Now call 6 I contact the Winter Park office again and was told – “well I just spoke to someone there”. “Nancy” assured me that someone would contact me- just give them a few hours…..Never have I had so much trouble and spent so much time trying to get a medically related issue resolved. The therapist is concerned that this is impeding progress. My next step is to contact the United Healthcare to make this is not paid for as it appears we will have to start the process over again.

Save your time and money. Avoid Hanger at all costs

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