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I was sent there by my doctor for a custom brace to be made for my ankle. The Clinician seemed to be good. The person working with my insurence co for payment told my what my cost would be. The cost of having the brace made was $741.27. My cost would be $148.25 which is 20% of 741 and my insurence would cover at 80%. .

I paid what I was told that I owed, had the brace made and picked it up.

About a month or more later, they sent me a bill for an additional $266.00!

When I called, I spoke to, I guess who-ever does the billing and she claimed this is “co-insurence” that I have to pay. I pulled the EOB from my insurence co and they were billed $1,133.00 for the brace I was told was $741 (and I have the receipt saying the cost was $741). My insurance co paid $718.40 and I paid the $148.25, so they got paid $866 for a brace that was supposed to be $741. And now they expect me to pay an additional $266

Well, if that were paid, it would equal the $1,133 that they billed the insurence. I think they screwed up the initial cost and expect me to make up the difference. They just created more problems for themselves because I am going to fight this.

I refuse to pay over $400 out-of-pocket when I was told my cost was $148 out-of-pocket.
I even recalled asking the person getting the approval if she was sure this is all I would owe, and I was reassured that it was. I will be contacting my insurence co and asking why they were “over charged” for the brace? Is this considered fraud on Hangers part?
Even if it isn’t, I feel they are dishonest with the patients.

What company gives a customer a price, let’s the customer pay the price they were given and then blind sides them a month or more later with a bill for more money?

If you have to go there (because you don’t have a choice), any quote or cost they give you, re -confirm they did what they had to do for the insurence co and then get it notarized or have your lawyer present.

They are dishonest and will screw you if they can.

Hanger Clinic – 12369 Sunrise Valley Dr #150 Reston VA 703-390-1260

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