Piece of S**** - Great Plains Lending

Borrowed $800.00 from them and agreed to pay biweekly from which the debt is going up instead of going down. Every time they apply a payment a different amount is posted to the principal. I have already paid almost $600 from which only $87 were applied to the principal loan amount meaning that I still owe them $713.

This is a rip off ***DO NOT BORROW ANY AMOUNT FROM THEM*** instead of helping you getting out of hole (debt) by lending you the money you will get on a much deeper hole by them. Their APR is ridiculously HIGH, it is much better to owe that to a credit card than to this company, at least on the credit card if I make the payments I have made to them you will actually see it going down NOT up like with this company.

NEVER going to borrow from them again!

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