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In early August, my husband called Directv with the intent to drop the NFL package. He had decided to drop the service from our directv account because several of our neighbors as “new customers” were receiving the same service for free. He thought, as a loyal customer, he should be entitled to a discount. We had been paying approximately $250 a year for the same service.

He made the call to drop the service. The man on the phone convinced him to keep the service stating that we were slated to get the NFL package for free for one year because we are “VIP” customers. In addition to that, he roped us into a new two year contract because he claimed our receivers were out of date and we needed to upgrade to the new genie “box.”

When we received our next bill, we were again charged for the package. After calling the directv hotline, we were told that we were lied to. That there was no “free” NFL and we were not “VIP” customers of any sort.

We attempted to come to an agreement with the service manager we spoke to on the phone.

We are highly upset, having been lied to and saddled into a new 2 year agreement with a service we otherwise would not have been.

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