Manager in Racine, WV Brandi Buffington - Family Dollar

She threw me out of the store for shop lifting an has no proof, she went by a customer that told her that ,an she has spread all kind’s of gossip about me to other customers an she even made me empty my pocket’s outside the store in in front of a bunch of people. She has done a bunch of people like that church people how can she get by with that stuff? I mean second handed information is not all way’s true.

She just don’t like me personally and all this is going to do is cause her problem’s when she is not in that store. People have said they were going to stomp her a*s. So you need to get her out of your store she is making a bad name for your store.

Plus she has a boy that is mentally challenged working in her store he think he work’s there, he does her work for her stocking an unloading the truck’s his name is James Stringer…

Send some one there to watch what she is doing at Racine West Virginia.

Brandi Buffington РFamily Dollar Store РWest Virginia Racine 

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