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My elderly parents with Alzheimer’s and cancer and one very hard of hearing had their house payments raised without their knowledge, so by the time it was realized they were pretty far behind on payments so they call Ocwen or I should say Ocwen called them everyday and it was people that elderly people couldn’t understand. I finally took over talking to them and I myself had trouble understanding them not to mention the on hold time and still no answers we were looking for, I mean they charge people almost $200 to drive by property to access the property really?

Well my father passed away in Jan.of 2015 and in trying to help my mother with her Alzheimer and setting up a budget for her I take a trip to the law firm they filed bankruptcy with to see about getting moms payments lowered to find out Ocwen didn’t file a claim with the chapter 13 trustee… I have been paying a $1000 a month for them for over a year and none went to their house because of the lack of claim filed…

I called the trustee in our district to find out their attorney made an appearance in July of 2014 but he failed to put a plan in action… Now my mother is facing losing her home because of these crooks and scam artist…

I also called Ocwen to see if maybe there was a clause in the homeowners contract for death of a borrower it was conveniently cancelled because of payments being behind in 2013 with no notice of that… We also received a letter sating my mother needed flood insurance we do not live in a flood plan so I went to the city and had them research to be sure they even wrote a letter stating we did not Ocwen says its not enough to proof…

They had been charging her an add on insurance for flooding since 2008 there is a law suit pending on this…They have to be stopped some way I just don’t know how we can..my mother is an Alzheimer patient and is now facing losing her home over these crooks… I have the papers filed for the hamp program but guess who approves that? Ocwen

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