Your Device Rip Off - eCycle Best initially provides you with an offer estimate which sounds good but the actual offer is a joke. The initial estimated offer for my two I Phones in GREAT CONDITION was $ 240.00. The total offer for both when it came back was $ 19.00. $ 9.00 for one and $ 10.00 for the other.

To dispute that and request your phone back, you MUST speak to the Purchasing Department. You are directed to the customer service phone number and they must transfer you to the department. You will NEVER get to the purchasing department.

When you contact the number you get a customer service representative who is the gatekeeper. You will then be placed on hold for 10 additional minutes and then a recording informs you that due to high call volume you must call back followed by disconnection. I attempted to reclaim my devices by phone 17 times and spent 99 minutes in all on hold. If you try to “Connect with them” on the web site, they simply respond by sending you back to their customer service person.

Great SCAM. Once they have your phone, you have no choice but to accept the minuscule amount of money they offer.

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