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I went on numerous websites wanting to recycle/sell phone…it was only 3 month old but I wanted another one so wanted as much as possible for it. Ecycle offered $365…I read their website completely. Understood their procedures. I receive email stating phone under inspection then 4 5 days laters an offer for $65.

I replied to email saying not accepting return phone! I called at least 25 times! Customer service would answer transfer me to an non-existent purchasing dept that never answered or had voicemail. I continuously sent emails demanding phone back, and that if I received check for $65 rather than phone I would return it! Surprise! Received check yesterday.

Called this morning, customer service said would transfer me to someone in purchasing that would answer…didnt same recording. Called back put some lady on phone who kept saying she was reviewing my account, i stated there in nothing to review! I know their policy, I followed their policy, I emailed so have documentation plus phone records, left messages stating was NOT accepting offer to return phone! I told her I am returning check and immediately return my phone or would file complaints with whoever will listen to me!

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