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I bought a new iPhone from T-Mobile Dec 2014 which was replaced with a brand new iPhone under warranty on April 13, 2015. I had to switch to Verizon because where I moved to (Friday Harbor), T-Mobile service is non-existent but had to buy another new iPhone from Verizon as it required CDMA. So decided to sell my iPhone and found those criminals online and although I should have done my due diligence, I did not until it was too late.

I sent them my iPhone on the basis of a quote for $ 446.00 (May 16) which I thought was low given that it was a month old and had used it for 10 days. I sent it to them on May 18, 2015 and after much BS from them, and delay after deadly after delay while I was requesting my iPhone be sent back since by then I knew they were crooks, they ignored my request to have my phone returned and offered me 71$ which I immediately advised them I was not willing to accept and to again request it be returned. I sent demand letters, threatened legal action and to report their fraud to all authorities having jurisdiction and to the news media.

I have now commenced legal action and will be reporting these crooks to the FBI (Interstate fraud) and USPS (Mail fraud). I may never get my phone or my money but I will not quite until they are out of business and some of them hopefully in jail. aka aka – 84 Coney Island Dr Sparks NV 89431 | 775-954-1060

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