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I am an electronic engineer and I know all the standard prices of electronic gadgets. I had four iphones and I needed the money desperately so I searched on the internet and found this company by the name ecycle best, I was inspired by the details mentioned on the website and that was quite simple instructions about how to do the free-shipping of your electronic product in a box and then you will be paid through check or paypal. I did as they instructed on the website.

After they got my products, they told me that these are not in as much condition as we were told or considered they would be. I told them that I sent you the pictures of my products earlier before I was sending you actually, so how you can say that and reduce its price but there was no advantage of yelling at them.

Finally we agreed on the bargained price after many talks with their customer services.

Now after 3 weeks, I am getting my check of $420 dollars of my four iphones. I am little bit satisfied.

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How did you reach them? They Dont answer my emails and I can’t find a good number


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