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Ecycle Best And Cash For Laptops Is A Bait And Switch

I am Stephanie Tiangco Carrion long time customer, but no longer. I am now completely dissatisfied with how this simply transaction was handled! Not only was your agent over the phone a monotone human who was obviously reading from script. She was rude and would place me on hold mid sentence! Several times!

I sent a working iPhone6 64 gig with a cracked screen and without a charger for your company ( ecycle best aka cashforlaptops) to purchase. Online the quote was for $357, obviously due to the devices condition I didn’t expect to be paid that full amount but I did not expect an offer of $40 for the device! After that email I decided to have them send the device back. I wasn’t upset at the time I figured I would just use it as a spare.

When I called to have the device returned I waited over 20 min to speak with the purchasing department and spoke to a “Brittany” she proceeded to raise the offer from $40 to $100. I told her in very plain words to send back the device to which she would reply over and over again “unfortunately you device has already been processed” but that she could get me the $40, then $85 and last $100 payment to me via paypal. I told her to send it back multiple times and she would reply “unfortunately you device has already been processed.” I finally said it would be illegal for them to just keep my property without my consent to which she replied as you can guess “unfortunately your device has already been processed”! Incredible! I then asked to speak to a supervisor she said she was the supervisor! I asked to speak to her boss she said they weren’t available…..I mean really!

During all off this she would place me on hold every time I kept insisting the device returned. (“return the device. return the device. return the device!”) After being place on hold 4 times she came back and said the device would be returned within 5 business days! How abusive is this entire tactic! Hoping you will get fed up enough and take what they are offering! Completely teetering petty extortion and for what a $600 busted Iphone! I guess if they do it to enough people the profits add up, but what an awful way to turn a profit!

Immediately after I called back to complain to the Customer Service Department and was also given the brush off. Even in a different “department” I was also told again that there wasn’t a supervisor or manager available to speak to and was directed to the website to write an email of my complaint.

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