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I assist citizens everyday helping with various issues whereby dealing with Duke Energy is one of them. I have been assisted everytime and the cases varied. I tried getting a little help for my son, who was cut-off on today [1/15/15] only owing $60.00 of a $110.00 balance from the past due account. He tried to work out paying that on today since $50.00 had already been paid and they would not take it. Making the statement that they CANNOT accept that payment. They needed $144.90 plus the reconnect fee of $26.75. He is single, had two jobs to make it; but, now has only one job and was only asking that he pay the $60.00 today and to pay the reconnect fee and any other fees by 1/23/15.

Again, they said, “we cannot take that amount”. What seems to be the problem when you are trying to pay your bill and you have no one working with you or trying to assist you to keep your electricity on when its cold, food in the refrigerator., you are sick; etc., etc., etc. I spoke to several people; but, only remember Yasmina. Duke Energy, you can do better in helping the citizens of Durham. Everybody doesn’t cry “wolf”.

There are people who really need help and assistance with their Duke Energy bill. Today, I saw no heart, no ability to waive fees or to help someone who really needed it. He then borrowed the money to then wait for his energy to be cut back on. It has been 5 hours already [3:30 p.m. right now] and still no reconnect; but, you can disconnect in seconds.

What’s wrong with this picture. Learn to help others, you never know when you will be in that predicament. Reset some of those hard-hearted policies.

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