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I am a healthcare consultant, well educated, and stay at multiple Marriott’s across the US. I wake up one morning and turn on FOX Dish channel in my room and low and behold, I have no Fox available. I find that the Marriott I am staying with uses DISH for its TV/Internet provider and that DISH will no longer carry FOX. I am an Elite Platinum member with Marriott and have complained to them that I will no longer stay at Marriotts unless they change their TV/Internet provider to one who carries FOX.

I will NEVER purchase DISH for any properties we own, now will I recommend to others that they purchase DISH. DISH has no right to isolate its customers from balanced reporting such as FOX does provide on most of its programing. (I realize that Hannity is as far right as MSMBC is far left)

I am appalled that the CEO of DISH would deem what he sees as “correct viewing” for DISH viewers, but such “elitist mentality” is the usual mantra of liberal power brokers. I had no problem accessing MSNBC or CNN or HDLNs.

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If you have children look into dish but if you want to watch programme without being switched to baby club or some other programme that you have no interest in look for a different service.


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