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AT&T cell system is famous for charging for services not rendered and now they have devised a new program for showing a profit that is inflated by their billing program even realize what has happened. I have no idea of the number of customers that incurred the same problem or if they realize what has happened. My statement due date has always been the 6th of each month.

On July 2, we paid our monthly payment in full as always and expected to see another statement in a couple of weeks for the next billing. We received our next statement and we now see our friends at AT&T have decided that they would like to make July a really good month by changing their billing cycle.

I requested that my cycle be changed back and after quite a tussle over the phone they agreed. They couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to make 13 monthly payments in a 12 month year. Now they have changed my cycle but want to charge me $25.18 to do so. It’s not so much the money it’s the way they treat their customers and charge their own mistakes or when they get caught double-dippin. We know they have been caught before.

These small amounts are not so small when you multiply it by millions of customers unware they they are being fleeced.

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